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Oocyte Retrieval Needles

Our single lumen and double lumen oocyte retrieval needles are produced to the highest standards of reliability and consistency using diamond powder bevels for a sharp, accurate finish. Stiff single lumen needles are also available for greater control during procedures and have an improved echo marking for greater visibility under ultrasound. Double lumen needles feature an inner needle that comes right to the tip of the outer needle in order to reduce turbulence when flushing oocytes.

ORIGIO’s needles are sterilized by Gamma irradiation – no use of ethylene oxide and no risk of potential embryo toxic residue.


Single Lumen Needles


Double Lumen Needles

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Suction Pump

The ORIGIO suction pump is low noise and especially designed for oocyte aspiration with accurate maintenance of vacuum at a user-specified setting, a boost function, and dual display showing actual pump pressure and set pump pressure.

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Flushing Medium

ORIGIO Flushing Medium for retrieval, holding and washing of oocytes is ready-to-use and especially designed for in vivo use during oocyte retrieval. SynVitro™ Flush is fully synthetic and does not contain human serum albumin (HSA) or antibiotics. When supplemented with Heparin, the medium is used to prevent clotting if blood is present after flushing the follicles.

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All Oocyte Retrieval Products

ORIGIO offers a complete solution includes oocyte retrieval needles, a suction pump, flushing medium and warming equipment such as the Heated Trolley HT37.

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