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ORIGIO’s training programs


Scientific training courses allowing you to optimize your performance, learn new skills and network globally with international peers.

ORIGIO has been providing hands-on training and education since March 2011 at its dedicated training laboratory at corporate headquarters in Måløv,near Copenhagen, Denmark. The laboratory is fully equipped to support demonstrations of, and hands-on training in, a comprehensive range of Assisted Reproductive Technologies. ORIGIO focuses on providing evidence-basedtraining by skilled, experienced embryologists including invited experts in specific topics such as vitrification, sperm selection, and embryo biopsy.

ORIGIO’s existing courses are always in high demand with embryologists attending from across the globe to receive training both in general embryology and in specific ART procedures. Feedback from participating embryologists has been extremely positive with comments such as ‘highly professional’, ‘inspirational’, and ‘fantastic hands-on lab’. Participants also appreciate the opportunity to network with peers in other countries.

A new development is the range of workshops aimed at more senior embryologists. These tackle topics such as:

  • Culture Media
  • Laboratory Design & Start Up
  • Quality Control.

Of course, ORIGIO recognizes the need for local training as well and therefore offers courses in Mumbai, India, Yokohama City, Japan, and Saint Petersburg, Russia. Our lecturers are assisted by external local lecturers in order to create a rich, lively program tailored wherever possible to local requirements. In addition, ORIGIO embryologists provide support for local seminars and workshops.

The ORIGIO team of experienced embryologists also assists customers with the establishment of clinics (turn-key projects), laboratory design, and clinic audits to optimize lab performance. In addition, they give lectures, run seminars and workshops, and support the research and development of new products.

For more information, contact us directly at: TrainingLabDK@origio.com.