TPC Biopsy Micropipettes

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  • TPC Biopsy Micropipettes
  • TPC Biopsy Micropipettes

    Flat or beveled lightly heat polished tips to facilitate safe and easy removal of blastomeres.

    Long parallel tapers provide smooth effortless fluid control during micromanipulation.

    Manufactured in Australia and supervised by reproductive scientists.

    No compromise on quality

    Reference Pipette Type Finish Style Tip Angle Internal Diameter (microns) Outer Diameter (microns) Distance tip to bend (mm)
    LBSR Biopsy Beveled – 40° 30 23 µm 1mm
    LBC-OD27BA90 Biopsy Flat 30 21 µm 1mm
    LBC-OD30BA90 Biopsy Flat 30 23 µm 1mm
    LBC-OD32TA35 Biopsy Flat 35 25 µm 1mm
    LBC-OD35BA90 Biopsy Flat 30 27 µm 1mm
    LBC-OD35TA35 Biopsy Flat 35 27 µm 1mm
    LBC-OD40BA90 Biopsy Flat 30 31 µm 1mm
    LBC-OD40TA35 Biopsy Flat 35 31 µm 1mm