TMC 63-500 Anti-Vibration Table

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  • TMC 63-500 Anti-Vibration Table

    The TMC 63-500 Series high-performance lab tables provide an excellent vibration-free working surface for loads up to 350 lbs (160 kg.). The table’s modular construction is ideal for any IVF procedure or any situation requiring exact vibration-free performance.

    ORIGIO will configure the table to best match your needs.

    Typical options include the following. For a full range of options, review the brochure.

    • Front support bar
    • Rear support bar
    • Armrest pads
    • Sliding shelves
    • Rear shelf
    • Casters

    Key Features

    • Exclusively designed for IVF and ICSI procedures
    • Tested by an independent testing house, DELTA, for mechanical measurements and vibration
    • Constructed in high density steel: adding mass to the table
    • Microscope passively damped: which is placed on a platform that is isolated from the rest of the table plate
    • Micromanipulation equipment placed next to themicroscope: vibrations from handling the micromanipulator do not transfer to the microscope
    • Uses VIBe™ Series IB isolator bearings: the isolation bearings are mechanical, passive devices that dampen the transmission of vibration
    • Advantages: do not require air hoses tubes, maintenance or supporting hardware. The bearings utilise a propriety combination of two non-linear springs, a horizontal spring filter and a vertical spring filter


    This product is available for sale in the U.S.A only.

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