Heated Glass Stage HG37

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  • Heated Glass Stage HG37
  • Heated Glass Stage HG37

    Maintaining the optimal temperature of your samples

    Key Features

    • Full temperature control in increments of 0.01 ºC
    • Unique temperature accuracy of ±0.1 ºC
    • Visual indication of warming up, safe operation and alarm states with LED light and control box
    • One controller for up to 2 glass stages
    • Data logging via USB
    • Unique software model specially designed for Class II workstations requesting a higher air-flow.
    • Auto-calibration and auto-tuner


    This product is available for sale in Europe, the U.S.A, Canada and Australia as well as selected countries in the rest of the world.
    Please always contact your local ORIGIO representative to confirm local availability.


    Reference Description
    9 002 120 145 Heated Glass Stage HG37 – single (one glass and a control box)
    HG37-CAL Heated Glass Stage Calibration Probe
    9 002 120 155 Heated Glass Stage glass + 1.5 m cable
    9 002 120 145 + 9 002 120 155 For Dual Use
    For details and to order, please contact your local distributor. (NB: Product not for sale in the USA & Canada)
    HG37 is included in all our IVF workstations that have a heated surface as standard

    • Control Box: Dimensions (HxLxW): 144X162X112 mm; Weight 1.8 kg
    • Glass diameter: 90 mm
    • Auto-calibration: Self Calibrating with a use of a dedicated calibration probe.
    • Auto-tuner: Enables the controller to constantly learn and adjust to temperature peaks to achieve set points with minimal overshoot and oscillation