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    Accurate incubator verification tool

    Key Features

    • Handheld CO2 & O2 Gas Analyser
    • Quick verification of incubator concentartion levels
    • Built-in gas moisture removal


    This product is available for sale in Europe, the U.S.A, Canada and Australia as well as selected countries in the rest of the world.

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    Reference Description
    G-100-10N G-100 Gas analyzer CO2/O2, incl. hard case
    G-100-10N-NC G-100 Gas analyzer CO2/O2, excl. hard case
    G-TP5 Temperature Probe
    G-PTFE Humidity filters, pack of 5
    G-MT Moisture Trap Filter, pack of 2
    G-BC Battery Charger
    G-HCASE Hard Carry Case Replacement
    6-90-308 Calibration Service
    • Range CO2: 0-20%
    • Range O2: 0-100%
    • Weight: 495 gr
    • Size: L 165mm, W100mm, D55mm
    • Response time, T90: CO2 ≤20 seconds
    • O2 ≤60 seconds
    • Warranty: 1 year from shipment date