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RI Witness is installed in over 100 clinics worldwide.

Here are some of the testimonials we have received from happy customers.

The benefit of having RI Witness is the added security and peace of mind for patients and staff.

Nicola Townsend, Laboratory Manager
Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, UK

I have used RI Witness for over three years now and it has made a dramatic difference to our working practice in the laboratory. It eliminates the need for non-critical steps to be double witnessed by another embryologist, such as sperm preparations, which is laborious and time consuming.

The working areas ensure only one patient’s gametes are worked on by any given operator at any given time, acting to reassure embryologists and give patients extra confidence in a secure system which safeguards their precious gametes and embryos.

The system generates reports at the conclusion of every treatment cycle which provide a record of staff members involved in patients’ treatments, as well as procedure times and dates, which fulfils regulatory requirements.

The Witness system has been positively received by our patients and staff alike. I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to work in a centre which doesn’t use this system in the future.

Lynne Glover – Senior Embryologist
Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, UK

The integration of RI Witness into our daily routine was fast and simple. Once installed it recorded a constant true human error rate within the acceptability range.

The warning given in the case of mismatches allows for immediate corrective intervention, safeguarding the reliability of the entire IVF process.

Other benefits include the traceability of each step performed and a reduction of staff workload and distractions, thus increasing operator satisfaction.

Roberta Maggiulli
GENERA Center, Italy

RI Witness was very easy to adopt and we’ve been working with it for years now. It offers reassurance to patients and the lab in terms of checking patient identities.

It has become an integral part of the smooth running of our laboratory, consequently its integration has optimised our organisation and it has allowed us time to improve our performance in the context of quality control processes.

Pierre-Yves Prima
Polyclinique de l’Atlantique, France

RI Witness has improved efficiency by streamlining our working practice – lab procedures are performed at the optimum time with a real-time witness. The ease of operation is great and the system has proved to be a versatile audit tool.

Sophie Jewitt – Senior Clinical Embryologist
Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust, Gateshead

I certainly feel that we are now doing absolutely everything that we can to satisfy our patients’ worries, and they have informed us they feel better knowing that this safeguard, RI Witness, is in place.

Laboratory Director
Overlake Reproductive Health, USA

Since opening in January 2011, Complete Fertility Centre has relied on the security and safety of the RI Witness system. This product is not only responsible for minimising risk, but allows for highly efficient work flow within our laboratory.

In addition, we have found the traceability function to be a comprehensive, user-friendly tool for effectively managing our stock.

Dawn Yell,  Embryology Laboratory Manager
Complete Fertility Centre, Southampton

The tags are very robust and every stage of the IVF process is continuously monitored and recorded in a patient log. It is a very user friendly system, that is immensely reassuring for both patients and clinicians.

Jane Saxton
Jessop Fertility, Sheffield, UK

As lab manager, I feel a lot more secure using RI Witness. It doesn’t increase our workload, and its very convenient for us.

Dr Fang Cong
Reproductive Medicine Center, 6th Affiliate Hospital Sun Yet-Sen University, China

The electronic witnessing system offers patients increased confidence that their samples are safe and will not be mixed up at any time during treatment.

Steve Troup
Hewitt Centre for Reproductive Medicine, UK