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    Wallace  understand the importance of quality products in order to achieve maximum IVF success rates. This is why our range of micropipettes are individually hand-crafted by highly trained technicians to the highest standards for optimum precision.

    All our micropipettes are manufactured to the highest degrees of tolerance and carry a full trace history of the materials, procedures, production and QA personnel involved in preparing each individual pipette.


    This product is available for sale in selected countries worldwide.

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    Wallace V-Series

    ICSI Injection Pipette for intracytoplasmic sperm injection


    • Smooth control of sperm injection and cytoplasm suction
    • Designed to be less damaging to the oocyte which may reduce cytoplasm draw back; this may increase the likelihood of better fertilisation rates and improve embryo development
    • Multiple sperm can be loaded and injected


    • Short taper
    • Long parallel wall section
    • Standard tip to elbow length (550μm)

    “We have always found them excellent quality and performed outstanding in
    every procedure.”

    Dr Levent Keskintepe, PhD,
    HCLD, Executive Lab Director, Sher Inst USA

    “We have seen an improvement in fertilization rate and a decrease in damage rate.”

    C Franklin, Embryologist,

    ““We are happy to report a reduction in lysis rate post-ICSI injection greater
    than 1% alongside continued pregnancy rates.”

    Dr Marta Jansa-Perez,
    Head of Laboratories, IVF Hammersmith

    “Needle to needle consistency.”

    M Blayney,
    Head of Science, Bourn Hall, UK
    Reference Description Inner Diameter
    WIC-45V – (angle)* Tip to elbow length 0.55mm** 4.5μm
    WIC-50V – (angle)* Tip to elbow length 0.55mm** 5.0μm
    WIC-55V – (angle)* Tip to elbow length 0.55mm** 5.5μm
    *Angles available from 0-45 degrees
    ** 1.0mm Tip to elbow lengths available eg code reference WIC-45V-30L