Suction Pump

Our suction pump has been specifically designed for oocyte aspiration as well as other body fluids and cells.

  • Dual Display: Actual pump pressure and set pump pressure
  • Designed to maintain a vacuum accurately at a user specified setting within ±5 mmHg of vacuum setting
  • Can also boost the vacuum to approximately -500 mmHg from any setting (Boost)

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Last updated: 2014.02.19 Description
SPUMPV1 Suction Pump (including one bag of filters)
HPFILTER Disposable Hydrophobic Filters (bag of 25)
30114 6 mm push fit adaptor
30004 Female/female luer type adaptor
VTS200MM Vacuum tube 200 cm MM (male/male)
VTS200MF Vacuum tube 200 cm MF (male/female)
VTS200FF Vacuum tube 200 cm FF (female/female)

NB: Product not for sale in the USA & Canada


  • Dimensions: 200 mm wide x 115 mm high x 250 mm deep
  • Weight: 4.6 kg
  • Vacuum Ranges: -10 mmHg to -210 mmHg in 1mmHg increments (normal) -500 mmHg (Max Boost)
  • Vacuum Range Accuracy: ±5 mmHg

  • CE marked (CE 0543)