The Soft Catheter

Our range of soft embryo transfer catheters contain several features to help you maximise IVF success.

  • Our hubs are specifically created for greater handling, grip, accuracy and control
  • Our tips have been hand finished for a smooth rounded result
  • We mould rather than grind our outer sheaths which means that you have a smoother transition from sheath to catheter tip, aiding embryo transfer
  • Clear graduation numbers and markings on the catheter for guidance on depth and positioning
  • Available in 2 different lengths 20 cm & 23 cm
  • Soft formable stylet does not compromise the performance of the outer sheath when in use
  • 2012 will see the launch of our new range of echogenic soft catheters
transem embryo transfer catheter from ORIGIO - TSET20C, TSET23C, TSET20S, TSET23S

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Last updated: 2014.02.19 Description
Inner Catheter Length (mm)
Outer Catheter Length (mm)
TSET20C Transem Soft 20 cm 200 130
TSET23C Transem Soft 23 cm 230 160
soft catheter from ORIGIO for embryo transfer - TSET20C, TSET23C
TSTT20S Transem Trial 20 cm 200 130
TSTT23S Transem Trial 23 cm 230 160
transem trial transfer catheter from ORIGIO - TSTT20S, TSTT23S
tip of soft transem embryo transfer catheter from ORIGIO - TSET20C, TSET23C, TSET20S, TSET23S, TSTT20S, TSTT23S
TSS1520 Transem Stylet 15 cm = 20 cm ET 200 150
TSS1823 Transem Stylet 18 cm = 23 cm ET 230 180
transem stylet from ORIGIO - TSS20, TSS23

NB: Product not for sale in the USA & Canada

  • CE marked (CE 0543)
  • Quality control testing
  • Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA)
  • Endotoxin (LAL) tested. (Ph. Eur., USP)