Supporting the entire ART process

ORIGIO supplies each step of the way

From micropipets to entire laboratories. From media to customized equipment.
We can take care of all your ART needs. Specialized people and products over the entire ART field mean life gets the best start with ORIGIO.

ORIGIO is the umbrella of our five product categories:

  • Media: leading the way in the development, manufacturing and marketing of specialized ART media for all purposes.
  • Cell handling microtools: bringing specialty pipets to IVF and research laboratoriums.
  • Other ART devices: providing innovative equipment and devices to embryologists and andrologists worldwide.
  • Laboratory equipment: designing and manufacturing world renowned cabinets and work stations for IVF applications for over 25 years.
  • Needles and Catheters: providing a comprehensive range of oocyte retrieval and embryo transfer products