Dear customer,

We sincerely apologize for the trouble you encounter with our Online Ordering.

The system works now, but access to it is troublesome. While we work at fixing the problem, you can either send your order by mail to your customer service or use the GO TO ORDERING button from this page. It will bring you safely to the login window.

Please note that this service is currently only offered to:
• our ORIGIO distributors
• customers already directly ordering from ORIGIO a/s (Denmark) or ORIGIOInc (USA).

Fill in this form and send it to your customer service. It will take up to a week to get your loggin and account.

Note that our system does not support Internet Explorer version 10 or more. If you write your login info but nothing happens when clicking submit you should try opening it in another browser as for example Google Chrome.

If you are in none of these categories, please contact directly your ORIGIO distributor to order. Find all contact information here.

If you do have an online account but have forgotten your password, please contact your customer service.