R&D competencies

ORIGIO’s team of scientists and leading academics is dedicated to exploring and evaluating emerging technologies to bring you the best science has to offer. Our product research and development pipeline runs the spectrum from incremental improvements of existing products to the introduction of front-end technologies that significantly improve pregnancy rates.

IVF – Better, safer fertility treatment
With our extensive product portfolio of media for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) applications, ORIGIO is pioneering the development of new techniques and protocols. We develop the corresponding media as well as  the knowledge-transfer to make fertility treatment safer, more efficient and convenient.

Media – Life’s very first cradle
ORIGIO has strong competencies in the development, manufacture and marketing of specialized ART media directly to clinics or via distributors.

We are constantly screening the scientific environment for new ideas to improve our products or to add new technologies to our product portfolio in order to better serve your ART needs.