Our History

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Over 25 years in ART

ORIGIO was founded in Denmark in 1987 under the name Medicult. Its innovative approach quickly positioned it as one of the leaders in the global IVF Media market. In 2012, the company was acquired by CooperSurgical, global leader in medical devices for women’s health, and part of the Cooper Companies group.
ORIGIO employs over 400 people, has 16 subsidiaries, and markets its products in more than 100 countries.



Acquisition by CooperSurgical of Wallace, the gold standard of embryo transfer catheters and oocyte retrieval needles.
Acquisition by CooperSurgical of The Pipette Company Pty. Ltd, a respected manufacturer and distributor of micro pipettes for the ART market.
Acquisition by CooperSurgical of K-Systems Kivex Biotec A/S, a market leader in developing, manufacturing and distribution of innovative and expertly designed equipment to IVF clinics.
Launch of VitriFit, open system vitrification carrier, optimizing storage efficiency.
Launch of Spherical tip catheter, a pre-angled catheter with a sphere at the tip for optimal, atraumatic embryo transfer.


Acquisition by CooperSurgical of Research Instruments Ltd., a leading manufacturer and supplier of IVF medical devices, hardware such as micromanipulators, lasers, as well as security and ART management systems.
Launch of EmbryoGen® and BlastGen, novel culture media suite containing the recombinant human GM-CSF cytokine.
Launch of EchoGen catheter for enhanced visibility under ultrasound-assisted embryo transfer.


Launch of ORIGIO® Sequential Series, optimized culture media series for sequential culture.
Launch of SAGE 1-Step, single step medium for uninterrupted embryo culture.


Acquisition of ORIGIO by CooperSurgical, leader in medical devices for women’s health, and part of the Cooper Companies group.


Acquisition of Artworks B.V., manufacturer of IVF oocyte retrieval needles and embryo transfer catheters.
Launch of EmbryoGen®, culture medium for cleavage-stage embryos containing the recombinant human GM-CSF cytokine.


MediCult becomes ORIGIO.


Acquisition of MidAtlantic Diagnostics, leader in devices and equipment for ART.


Acquisition of Humagen Fertility Diagnostics, the first name in micropipettes, and leading brand.


Launch of Universal IVF Medium for fertilization and culture until 2-8 cell stage.
Launch of Flushing Medium for retrieval, holding and washing of oocytes.
Launch of Sperm Preparation Medium for sperm wash and isolation of motile viable sperm by swim-up.


Foundation of MediCult based on pioneered SSR® technology.