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CooperSurgical Companies

The CooperSurgical family of companies is comprised of global leaders in IVF and reproductive genetics, working together to provide innovative products and services for every step in the ART journey.

Pooling our scientific knowledge, fertility companies ORIGIO, Research Instruments, The Pipette Company, K-Systems, and Wallace offer a trusted system of consumables, equipment, and technologies for the complete IVF process.

As part of the CooperSurgical family, CooperGenomicsSM offers a complete suite of reproductive genetic tests and services designed to improve outcomes and empower families.

This collaboration opens the door to extensive possibilities for the future – driving and evolving innovation in line with customer needs, offering tailored product solutions, hands-on training and expert-led workshops.

Research Instruments has been at the forefront of micromanipulation and laser technology.

Wallace has been a pioneer within needles and catheters for IVF.

ORIGIO has been driving innovation offering state of the art media and pipettes.

K-Systems has been manufacturing sleek IVF workstations and incubators using modern Scandinavian design.

The Pipette Company has been designing high-quality micropipettes.

CooperGenomics brings together reproductive genetics leaders Reprogenetics, Recombine, and Genesis Genetics.