Quality is our cornerstone

In a world with infinite variables, simplicity and reliability are key.

That’s why ORIGIO has a no-compromise approach to quality for every product. For you, this means products you can rely on for better success rates that are safe for the patient. ORIGIO quality makes life easier; it’s the cornerstone of our success.

Our products undergo thorough quality testing before being released, to ensure consistent quality for your piece of mind.quality-certificates

Our focus on quality at every level of our operations is audited and confirmed by our notified bodies, that delivers quality certificates.

Feedback from customers is crucial. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions as you are the source of inspiration for improvements to our products.  Click here to contact us.

Quality documents

ORIGIO has obtained CE markings for a range of its products. The CE mark covers most of our ORIGIO products including among others: media, pipets, the Stripper® and Cryopette®.
The CE mark ensures that the products comply with the relevant European health and safety legislation. IVF products are covered by the Medical Device legislation and therefore ORIGIO’s products do comply with the Essential Safety Requirements in the European Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC).