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At the end of the day, it’s all about life; the opportunity for new or better lives. Life is everything. That’s what we stand for.

Through innovation and product advancement, we aim to help the #1 dream of every infertile couple come true. ORIGIO is a leader in delivering innovative Assisted Reproductive Technology solutions that enhance the work of ART professionals to the benefit of families.
With 13 subsidiaries and many more distributors, ORIGIO has a strong presence worldwide with a broad product portfolio for the ART market and has gained great reputation among opinion leaders and customers with the performance of its products and the professionalism of its training programs.

In June 2012, ORIGIO was acquired by The Cooper Companies, Inc. operated through the business unit CooperSurgical.

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CooperSurgical is a leader in women’s healthcare products and had exposure to the IVF market through SAGE® - a strong force in the global IVF media market, with products developed by Dr. Patrick Quinn.
CooperSurgical and ORIGIO have a shared vision of delivering life-changing products, and by acquiring ORIGIO, CooperSurgical has become the global leading company in the whole ART product space, not only IVF media.
In the future, ORIGIO will be the name of the ART company in the CooperSurgical group, with the strong SAGE MediaTM product line in its portfolio.

Together, ORIGIO and SAGE® achieve an unprecedented scientific edge dedicated to innovation for higher baby-take-home rates.
Together, ORIGIO and SAGE® provide the most comprehensive product line to service the ART professionals, complemented by professional support, training and education capabilities.
Together, ORIGIO and SAGE® become ORIGIO, a CooperSurgical Company.

ORIGIO remains headquartered in Måløv Denmark and retains its top management team. The manufacturing sites and logistics set-ups are kept unchanged, to ensure that the ART professionals experience the same quality of the products and services provided.

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